IV Produkt is considered by many as one of the leading producers in the Nordic countries of cost efficient and environment-friendly air handling units. A longterm relationship with our customers and suppliers is important to us.

We use LCC-(lifecycle cost) thinking through all the product development and sales. We have high demands on cleverness when we develop new products and manufacture. All this so that we together can save energy, environment and money.


Selection program

We have developed our selection program IV Produkt Designer so it can ease your daily work when you need to select an air handling unit.

IV Produkt Designer also contains a function to make a Life cycle cost (LCC) calculation for an air handling unit that already is in use.

You can in a very easily way get a material specification, wiring diagrams, etc.

You can of course contact one of our sales representatives in your country if you have any question och if you need som help with the program.